About us

About Twitteet

Twitteet is a analytics platform representing ratings, rankings and curated feeds based on Twitter engagement of journalists, news organizations, politicians, sportspersons, celebrities and businessmen.


Twitteet will provide:

  • Daily rankings of journalists, Celebs, politicos and business basis engagement
  • Daily rankings of news organizations Twitter handles basis engagement
  • Curated news feeds from the most engaging article among top journalists in the country


Twittet Algo

Our software and algos track twitter handles, analyze data and create easy to understand dashboards for you

The algo for journalists goes beyond total engagement to create an Engagement Score.

The engagement score factors in the number of followers, and rates those journalists higher -  who punch above their weight.  i.e. a journalist with a relatively small follower base who’s tweets regularly get higher engagement – will get a higher engagement score.

These scores indicate upcoming journalists, journalists creating trends and the future stars


Actionable Insights

Journalists, celebs and others can track their rankings and learn how to improve their engagement by comparing their own daily activity

News handles can learn a lot from these daily rankings and do experiments (cause and effect) to improve in total engagement and in turn daily rankings

We can help in offline training programs how to focus on key points to increase engagement on twitter