Top Ranking English News Media Yesterday’s English News Media engagement ranking.

  • Total Followers - 380,572
  • Total Engagement - 328
  • Total Followers - 294,664
  • Total Engagement - 46
  • Total Followers - 567,600
  • Total Engagement - 42
Top trending English news media on twitter in India. This is the total engagement for yesterday and comparative engagement between English news media on twitter. This includes English news agencies, English websites, English newspapers and English news channels in India. We have taken the top English news media like PTI, ANI, The Times of India, Republic, NDTV, DD News, WION, Zee News English, Times Now, The Hindu, newsx, The Indian Express, The Hindustan Times, India Today, The Wire, The Print and many others. To understand how this data is generated, and the methodology of the analytics, please visit our methodology page.