The twitteet is using the following methodology to showcase daily engagement and ranking based on engagement in different respective categories. Before we explain the methodology, it needs to be understood that data and analytics are resultant of the methodology. The methodology defines the data, running analytics on the same data, creates engagement and ranking information on the front end shown to you.


  1. The tweets are considered from 12 AM - Day 1 to 11:59 PM - day 1. Example: the data shown on 15th August, is for 14th August, from 12AM, 14th August to 11:59 PM, 14th August.
  2. Engagement is measured by the total number of retweets and likes. The comments are not considered.
  3. Only the engagement data of original tweets and tweet replies are taken. The data for pure retweets is not considered.
  4. The tweets are considered till 11:59 PM. Therefore if there is a tweet done at 12:01 AM (next day), that will not be considered.
  5. The maximum number of tweets per day are 30. For most accounts, the number of tweets and tweet replies are lower than 30, but news organizations tweet accounts sometimes tweet more than 30 tweets a day. Therefore engagement data for news organizations may be under-reported. But as per our test cases considering all tweets in a day, we have found the top 10 ranking comes 99% correct, in case of all tweets or 30 top tweets of the day.
  6. For some profiles like politicians, where the same profiles come in multiple ranking categories - the engagement data may be slightly different, the reason for the same is different time of data collection(max time difference is 30 mins). So if we hit a tweet at one time vs 30 minutes later, the engagement may be higher in “30 minutes later”. Again as per multiple tests conducted by us, Top 10 ranking is not affected due to this data collection methodology.
  7. We have taken personal accounts for the ranking. E.g. for the Prime Minister of India we have taken @NarendraModi and not @PMOIndia.
  8. There may be arguments, if particular profiles may or may not belong to category. Some people may claim that some profiles may not be considered a politician or a journalist or a news organization. It’s a call we have taken and we are happy to discuss it, if you write to us and share your concerns.
  9. There are profiles which may be part of multiple categories like bollywood and politics, or sports and politics. Some politicians may have changed their party, or left a party, the data will be updated on a monthly basis.


In addition to the above methodology explanation, we want you to know that the product is in beta, and will get better with time. We hope you enjoy the engagement data, we are happy to answer your questions and have guidance available to help you to increase twitter engagement for your profiles. Please visit our contact us page for the same. Thanks and Enjoy Twitteet!!!